People Are Freaking Out Over This Video Of Freshly Cut Meat That is Spasming

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Ew. If I ever needed more of a reason to be a vegetarian, this is it.

There is a video floating around the interwebs that shows what happens when butchers add salt to fresh meat.

It’s not only disturbing, it will make your gag reflex stand at attention.

Apparently, according to allrecipes.com, butchers add salt to the meat to draw the water out and to help preserve it.

But, I’m going to tell you. There is absolutely no reason I ever needed to see the reaction fresh cut muscle has to salt. *Barf*

In the video clip, a butcher holds out a piece of freshly cut meat that has been covered in salt.


You can watch as the surface of the meat wiggles and trembles from the chemical reaction caused by adding salt.


This only happens with the freshest of meat.

You can rest assured, this piece of meat is very fresh and is from a freshly slaughtered animal. The central nervous system is dead, but the nerve endings in the muscles are still firing, resulting in the jumping. This will stop after a short time

Science Alert

I’m just going to say what we are all thinking — Ew.

Think of this trembling meat the next time you dive into that hamburger. *Shudders*

Side Note: Veggies and fruit don’t quiver and quake when you add salt. Just saying.

You can watch the video of the trembling meat HERE.


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