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This Viral Spoon Debate Has The Internet Divided. Which One Would You Pick?

It’s divided the internet right in two.

This viral TikTok Spoon Debate has people taking sides and choosing which spoon is better.

It’s the Black/Gold Dress, Yannie/Laurel, and the Toilet Paper Debate all over again. LOL!!

TikToker,, posted a video asking one simple question: Which spoon is the best?

You wouldn’t think it would spark such a heated debate, but people have strong opinions.

I’m really hoping I can find my people here — I have recently found out that there are some people in the world that can go into a cutlery drawer and pick either of these spoons, doesn’t matter to them.

She holds up two different spoons.

One is a shiny, rather smooth-looking spoon.

The other is, perhaps, more fancy, and has deeper bowl and pointy edges.

Now there’s clearly a winner spoon here. Is it only me?

I have to admit, there is clearly one that I would go for if I had to choose between the two in my silverware drawer.

But, let’s see what the commenters on the TikTok video had to say.

1, only 1

2, absolutely 2

1 is softer

Always 2, it’s a comfortable depth

One!! I feel an ick when I pick up cutlery with a hard edge


I told you. People have a clear choice when it comes to the spoons they use.

What does the OG poster think?

I’m actually nervous to give my answer because obviously it’s going to disappoint quite a lot of people — But my answer is, of course, option number one. It has to be.

I have to say, she isn’t wrong. Spoon number one is OBVIOUSLY the best choice.

I’d pick spoon two if I needed to stir my coffee. But, when it comes to eating anything, spoon number two wins every time.

Prove me wrong.