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Walmart Is Selling A $1 Lemon Cake That Tastes Just Like The Iced Lemon Loaf From Starbucks

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There is a Lemon Cake at Walmart, and TikTok swears it tastes just like the Iced Lemon Loaf from Starbucks.


I’m telling you, I have an addiction, and it’s called STARBUCKS!

I have cut back — I only go once a day now. But, every single time I go, I also have to get an Iced Lemon Pound Cake (Iced Lemon Loaf), because OMG!! Have you tried it?!?

This addiction of mine is adding up to ridiculous amounts of money.

My go-to beverage is an Iced Caramel Macchiato with two pumps of Cinnamon Dolce syrup added.

That is, that was my go-to drink until Starbucks decided to run out of all their staple products for the foreseeable future. *Sad Face*

When you add up 6 bucks for a drink plus another 3 bucks for the piece of Iced Lemon Pound Cake every single day, I’m paying 9 bucks a day just for my Starbucks run.

That’s dang near $65 per week — $270 per month. *Gasp!!* I have to find a way to bring that price down!!

Well, thanks to TikTok, I may have just found a way to cut $2 a day off the enormous amount that I’m dropping at Starbucks.

TikTok user, @itracynicole, posted a video of what she found at Walmart, and it might just be the BEST thing ever.

The video is only 7 seconds long, but that is long enough to get the point.


Walmart has packaged Iced Lemon Cake, and @itracynicole swears it tastes just like the Iced Lemon Loaf from Starbucks.

And, here’s the BEST part — this Walmart Lemon Cake is only 1 buck a slice!! That’s more than $2 less than the Iced Lemon Loaf at Starbucks.


Do you know how useful this revelation is?!? We can go to Walmart, stock up on Lemon Cake for the week, and save about dang near $16 a week when it’s all said and done!!

Now, webpage Daily Dot did contact Starbucks to see if this was the exact same Lemon Loaf that they sell in the store, and they said that it is not.

Starbucks recipes are exclusive to the company, using high-quality ingredients and we continue to develop our portfolio of beverage and food items to meet customer needs. Starbucks Iced Lemon Loaf is a citrusy, buttery, moist lemon pound cake topped with a sweet icing.

Starbucks Spokesperson

BUT, it tastes the same, and that’s all that matters to me! I’ll take a $1 Lemon Cake that tastes just like Starbucks’ $3.25 Iced Lemon Loaf ANY DAY!

Get in ma belly!!

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