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Walmart Is Selling Eggnog And Peppermint Ice Cream So Bring On The Holidays

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Whoa! We are just heading towards fall and Halloween, but Christmas flavors are popping up everywhere! I guess it’s never too early for Christmas though!

I even know some people that decided they were already decorating for Christmas because it makes them happy! I say go for it!

Walmart’s Great Value brand ice cream is already out on the freezer shelves in stores! I mean, if we have Hallmark Christmas movies, we might as well have some Christmas flavors to enjoy with them!


You can find both eggnog and peppermint ice cream flavors in stores right now! I don’t know about eggnog, I’ve honestly never tried eggnog. However, I am all about some peppermint!


The peppermint ice cream is mint-flavored ice cream with pieces of peppermint candies mixed in! I plan on getting some and adding chocolate syrup on top! Or maybe making it into a shake! The eggnog ice cream tastes like eggnog with spices like nutmeg.


You can pick these up at your local Walmart in the freezer section. The Great Value brand ice cream sells for about $2 each. If you love these holiday flavors you’ll want to stock up because they will only be in stores through December.


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  1. Today is December 11, 2021. I live in Port Richey, FL. I have not found the GV peppermint and eggnog ice creams in the Super Center, nor can I find them on their website. What gives?