Walmart is Selling $3 Glitter Fruit Spreads That’ll Probably Give You Glittery Poops for Days

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This is where we are at now in the food world… glittered fruit spreads.


Oh no, it’s not a belated April Fool’s joke, these are the real deal… glittery fruit spreads.


Seriously, just think of how magical breakfast time just got!


Walmart is selling 3 different glitter fruit spreads including:

  • Star Glitter Blue Raspberry
  • Confetti Glitter Fruity Cereal
  • Star Glitter Cotton Candy

Deliciously sweet with a bit of sparkle, Great Value Star Glitter Blue Raspberry Flavored Fruit Spread adds dazzling fun to any food. Whether you want to dress up your breakfast waffle, add it to your peanut butter sandwich or drizzle it on top of your favorite ice cream, it will surely satisfy your taste buds. This luscious blue raspberry-flavored fruit spread contains just a touch of edible glitter, making it a natural addition to any kids’ sleepover or celebratory brunch. Add a bit of sparkle to your breakfast table with Great Value Star Glitter Blue Raspberry Flavored Fruit Spread.

And the premise is basically the same for each flavor.


I don’t know about you, but I think this puts things way over the top with the sweetness level.

Not to mention, you’ll probably have glittery poops for days ha!


You can grab the Glitter Fruit Spreads from Walmart for $3.48 each here.

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