Double, Double, Toil, and Trouble, You Can Get a Hocus Pocus Wax Warmer from Walmart

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Like a wizard and his wand, witches never misplace their cauldron.

So witches here here, if you’re looking to replace your cauldron of witchcraft, there’s a new Hocus Pocus cauldron that’s calling your name, (or maybe that’s just the magic).

Courtesy of ScentSationals

Dubbed the Hocus Pocus Wax Warmer, this cauldron casts out spells that only smell good.

Courtesy of @Marissa Naegele

Unlike the Sanderson Sisters who only create turmoil, this Hocus Pocus cauldron stays on the side of good by radiating fall scents around your home.

Courtesy of @Marissa Naegele

Turn on the warmer in the living room, bedroom or kitchen, this wax warmer works anywhere that’s in need of a little warmth and fall fragrance.

Place the wax at the top of the cauldron to melt the scent and make sure to look down at the bottom of the dish to see the new design that turns up in your melted wax.

Courtesy of ScentSationals

A wax warmer that also works as Halloween decor, you can find the Hocus Pocus Warmer at Walmart or online at ScentSationals for about $25 a cauldron.

Courtesy of ScentSationals

Our suggestion? Fly rather than walk to beat out all of the other witches who will be looking for this cauldron too!

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