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Walmart Is Selling Peppermint Ice Cream So Excuse Me While I Eat The Entire Carton In One Go

Walmart is on fire this year with all the holiday goodies!

I was just there the other day and you know what they had? Peppermint ICE CREAM!

Look, Fall is Pumpkin Spice Season and Winter is officially Peppermint Season. You can’t convince me otherwise.


So, of course, I bought some and don’t judge me, but I am eating the entire carton as you are reading this. Yeah, it’s that good.

The peppermint ice cream is described as a cool mint-flavored ice cream with pieces of peppermint candies mixed in!

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, topping it off with some Hershey’s chocolate syrup is totally acceptable and tasty!


You can pick these up at your local Walmart in the freezer section. The Great Value brand ice cream sells for about $2 each. If you love these holiday flavors you’ll want to stock up because they will only be in stores through December.

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