Walmart Is Currently Selling A Colorful Cake That Includes Every Color Of The Rainbow

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Whether you want to believe it or not, Walmart knows their stuff when it comes to baking a cake.

Currently selling at Walmart, you can find a very colorful cake with a collage of different colors baked in the inside.

Courtesy of Walmart

The swirl of colors has two multicolored layers including one that’s red and orange with yellow swirls and the other that’s blue with purple swirls, both vanilla flavored, sorry chocolate fans.

Courtesy of Walmart

Every slice cut is a gander at which one of the multicolored layers will be presented on your plate!

Courtesy of Walmart

The 7-inch cake serves 12 people which is more than enough to satisfy your friends for a birthday party or even just a special celebration!

Courtesy of @emilymariah2

From the outside this cake looks simple, including a butter creme icing, fancy white icing dollops, and rainbow confetti sprinkles surrounding the entire bottom of the cake and scattered on the top.

Courtesy of @dallasisterrance

Walmart is currently selling the two pound cake for just about $13 and from the looks of the reviews, this cake is worth buying for your next celebratory party!

Courtesy of @mariamichaelsm

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