Walmart Is Building Robots For Their Stores and You’ll Even Be Able To Watch Them Work

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Why is it that every time I hear the word robot, I instantly think of iRobot with Will Smith? Ha!

I swear, I feel like one day robots are going to take over the world!

But for now, they will just be taking over Walmart warehouses because Walmart made the announcement today they are building robots to keep up with online orders.

It is no surprise that since the beginning of the pandemic, people are utilizing online ordering including grocery pickup more than ever.

That is exactly why Walmart says they are working on creating robots so orders can be fulfilled faster.

 Walmart says that it plans to build warehouses at its stores where self-driving robots will fetch groceries and have them ready for shoppers to pick up in an hour or less.

Walmart did not say how many of the warehouses it will build, but construction has started at stores in Lewisville, Texas; Plano, Texas; American Fork, Utah; and Bentonville, Arkansas, where Walmart’s corporate offices are based.

A test site was opened more than a year ago at a store in Salem, New Hampshire.

Now if you are excited thinking you’ll run into a robot while shopping at Walmart, sadly that won’t happen.

Walmart said the robots won’t roam store aisles.

Instead, they’ll stay inside warehouses built in separate areas, either within a store or next to it. Windows will be placed at some locations so shoppers can watch the robots work.

So, what do you think, cool or creepy?

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