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Instead of Having Cashiers, Walmart Is Testing Using Self-Checkout Lanes Only

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This is GREAT news for introverts everywhere. But, I am going to guess there are a lot of people that will not like this news concerning Walmart.

Walmart is testing out a store that has NO cashiers. That’s right, all self-checkout lanes. 100% customers, trying to get those dang scanners to work.

Good gosh, I have been shopping with my parents, who don’t understand the concept of scanning groceries. I can only imagine how well this is going to work for the general population.

Walmart’s headquarters are located in Arkansas, so it makes total sense that the first store that is going to test this system is located in Fayetteville, Arkansas.


If this experiment goes well, Walmart will then consider expanding this cashierless model to other stores.


What I want to know, are the prices going to go down to reflect the fact that I have to play cashier, and bag my own groceries?

And, have you ever had to wait behind someone who is struggling with the self-checkout machines? They keep having to call a Walmart employee, and you just have to wait longer, and longer, and longer. I’m getting anxiety just thinking about it.

Some positives to them going cashierless would be — well, it will cost the store far less money not to have to pay someone to ring customers up.

There is also the privacy factor — if you are buying an embarrassing product, and you don’t really want the cashier seeing it. But, I mean, how often does that happen? Like once a month?

There is not a timeline yet as to when they are going to test the new system, but it sounds like the Fayetteville store is going to start operating under the cashierless system pretty soon.


One GOOD thing coming out of Walmart is that they are having a virtual summer camp which will feature celebrities like Neil Patrick Harris.

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  1. What I would like to know with all these store converting to cashier less Is that I’m told it would not take a job away . What! I don’t understand if you have no cashiers at till , doesn’t that mean job gone. These stores never say what happens to that cashier once the job is gone. I see it as they are gone too. And I will not participate in this practice at that store. With the whole world dealing with covid , there are enough people unemployed. It just makes it all the more difficult to accept .

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