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Warheads Sour Dill Pickles Exist So Get Ready to Pucker Up

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I am obsessed with all things sour. The bigger the pucker, the better!!

That’s why Warheads Sour Candies are always at the tippity top of my must-have candy list.

But, check this out. Warheads Sour Dill Pickles now exist, and I must try them!!

Can you just imagine the amount of pucker potential here?!?

These Warheads Extremely Sour Dill Pickles are a collab between Warheads Sour Candies and the company that brings us the original pickle in the bag — Van Holten’s.

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Get ready, because as soon as these Warheads Sour Pickles drop there will be an interactive Warheads Sour Dill Pickle social media challenge.

You simply post yourself taking the sour pickle challenge and make sure to hashtag your post  #sourpicklechallenge.

Now, these Warhead Sour Dill Pickles are not yet available, but they will start showing up in stores this December.

Be sure to look for them wherever you normally find Warheads Sour Candies and Pickles in a Pouch.

I can’t wait!!! I can already taste the pucker.

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