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This Water Gun Plane Pool Float Is The Ultimate Accessory For Your Summer Water Fun

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You totally have to check out this Water Gun Plane Pool Float.

Summer is literally right around the corner.

In fact, the weather is already nice enough to spend some time in the pool.


And, that means it’s time to choose your pool floats for this year — one of my favorite times of year.

This Water Gun Plane Pool Float is shaped like a jet, and will be perfect for all your fun water-soaking battles!


This Water Gun Plane Pool Float actually comes with a working water gun that you can use to spray your friends, siblings, random bugs that land in the pool, and so much more.

My son received this for Christmas and he LOVES this float with water gun feature. We live in south Florida so pool toys get used ALOT at our house. The float stays upright well and makes him feel super cool when he rides his “jet” in the water.

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This pool float is seriously going to amp up the fun this summer!

It can take the weight of a person up to about 175 pounds — so basically any kid out there!


The Plane Pool Float is made for ages 3 and up, and measures 46 inches by 46 inches, by 15 inches.

Can you just imagine the entire family playing on these Plane Pool Floats in the pool or at the lake? FUN!!


This is awesome! It shoots pretty far too, and was a steal. My 4 year old could shoot 10 ft away and blast Grandpa with a decent amount of water!

Amazon Reviews

You can NEVER have too many pool floats, so why not add one or two of these to the stash for extra fun?

It’s important to note that when you order one of these Water Gun Plane Pool Floats, colors may vary. You might get RED or you might get BLUE.


These pool floats are only going to set you back 19 bucks, and you are going to want a couple for the whole family!

To get your own Water Gun Plane Pool Float head on over to the Amazon website.


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