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This Water Hammock Float Will Have You Taking Naps Poolside All Summer Long

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It’s time to get out on and in the water and enjoy life! Whether that water is a pool, lake, pond, or ocean… the time is NOW!

I don’t really like bringing floats with me when traveling because they can take up a ton of room and they are hard for me to get on. However, I think I’ve found the perfect solution that will work for most people.

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The Aqua Original 4-in-1 Monterey Hammock Pool Float & Water Hammock is a multi-purpose inflatable float for adults.

It’s easy to get on and off of, which is super important to me. I have some physical disabilities and I’m just getting old. I hate looking like a fool while trying to get on floats in the water.

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It is made with a 50/50 combination of soft vinyl and soft mesh. The seat rests in the water and fits a person that is 4-6 feet tall the best.

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It’s especially great for people with physical disabilities, seniors, and even pregnant women. You don’t need to have extreme upper body strength to manage getting on and off of it and there are no ladders required.

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You can use the water hammock float as a hammock, chair, drifter, or exercise saddle. So many options in one easy-to-bring accessory!

The reviews are fantastic and it looks like these are selling like crazy! There are a few different color options available as well. You can buy the Water Hammock Float on Amazon!

Image credit: Amazon

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