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You Can Get A Water Misting System That You Can Connect To Just About Anything To Beat That Summer Heat

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Summer and the outdoors are not two things that go together very well — the weather is SO pretty, but it is stifling even in the shade during this time of year.

Now, thank GOD, you can get a cool misting system that will make the outdoors a little bit more manageable in this heat, and you best believe I got one.


I don’t know about where YOU live, but where I am it is already unbearably hot.

I love to sit out on my patio in the evenings — I live in the south, so the lightning bugs are out in full force — but it is just too darn hot!!

Things are about to change, my friend, because I just got this misting system for my patio, and it’s about to help drop that blistering heat to a reasonable temperature that’s a bit more conducive to enjoying the outdoors.


Forget feeling like you are in the middle of an outdoor sauna, this cool little misting system is about to make the entire summer season feel much better!

This do-it-yourself outdoor misting system offers perfect low-cost solution for your backyard cooling needs. It helps save up to 70% water by releasing ultra-fine mist than the traditional spray heads, and requires no electricity or pumping but the tap water.


Now, I wouldn’t get this contraption if you had to have special plumbing or digging skills — it’s simple to put together, which I need!


This water mister is designed with upgraded twist-on misting nozzles, tightly sealed twist-on connectors and 1/3 inch hose (much thicker than the rest of hoses in the market), creates soft misting spray, easier to install and disassemble, no leaking or blocking worries.


You can hang this around your patio, but I’m probably going to put it around our outdoor umbrella — that way I will have a little cage of coolness as I sit and sip on my iced tea.


This cooling mist system can also be put around trampolines to make them into a fun little water park of sorts.

And, don’t forget the doggos in this heat — you can set up this cooling system around a dog kennel or dog run, and let your furry friend enjoy the cooler temperatures.

This Outdoor Water Misting System isn’t going to make it rain down on you, it puts out a really fine mist, absorbing the heat and cooling the air around you.

It also comes with all the accessories you are going to need to put it together, so you don’t have to worry about running out to Home Depot in the middle of trying to put it together.


With over 70 ratings, this Water Misting System gets a 4.8 out of 5 stars, which is FABULOUS!!

Living in California our power goes out quite a bit these past couple summers and the heat can be unbearable. So I just bought these misters so we can sit in the backyard and at least try to cool off and they work amazing. Some of them drip but not too bad but for the most part it’s just a fine mist and it cools the whole area off. It was exactly what I was looking for. ❤️

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You can choose to get it in the 33 feet model or the 83 foot model, and you can also cut it to your desired length with the included shears.


You can get this Outdoor Water Misting System from the Amazon website, and it is only 50 bucks — heck yeah, it’s worth it for a cooler summer!

Here’s to a cool summer!!


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