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Here Are Some Ways To Display Your Starbucks Tumblers And Mugs

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I don’t know about you, but I have about a million Starbucks tumblers and mugs.

It’s not a problem, unless you admit it’s a problem, right?

I had to do something, because I had completely filled up my cabinets, and the tumblers and mugs were just TAKING OVER the kitchen, my room, and I even had them displayed in the front room.

The search had to begin for a new way to keep my obsession with Starbucks merch a little bit more contained — with maybe a bit more style than just thrown up in my mug cabinet.

So, check this out. Here are some absolutely GENIUS ideas for holding and displaying your Starbucks goods.

Get one of those shoe holders that you hang on the front or back of your door, and fill it up with your tumblers.

It will not only save you some room in that kitchen cabinet, it is so convenient to just go grab one out when you want to use it.

There is also this great idea where you display your favorite mugs by hanging them on a prominent wall in your kitchen.

You just get some cup hooks, screw them into your wall, and then hang your favorite mugs for all to see.

Another similar idea is to get a beautifully designed Mug Display off of Etsy.

You also display your Starbucks mugs on cup hangers, but those hangers are on a wooden holder that is simply gorgeous.


I totally want one of these floor to ceiling Mug Display Racks.

The mugs will still be in the kitchen, but wall space is utilized to display your Starbucks treasures in gorgeous style.


There is another kind of Mug Wall Display. Instead of hanging the mugs on a hook, you sit them on a shelf.

They are stunning, and would look fantastic displayed in a kitchen.


Sure, there are about a billion and one ways to display your Starbucks goods, but I love the simple and easy displays that are as functional as they are cool.


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