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What It’s Really Like Living on Your Own for The Very First Time

Walking into your first apartment has its benefits, and let’s just say there are definitely more pros than cons, but who knew that the finer details of renting your first apartment were so important.

Something as little as wiping down the crown molding, enough seating for guests or suddenly waking up in the middle of the night to change the batteries in the fire alarm that keeps relentlessly ringing would be so critical.

Okay okay, I always knew that changing the batteries in the fire alarm were and are important, but how does it always ring in the middle of the night versus on a Saturday afternoon, and how did I notice the ringing when I lived with my parents? 

See my point? 

The little things matter, and living on your own makes those “little” things kinda big, because mom and dad aren’t here to do them for you anymore. 

Baking ware, a dish rack for stacking clean dishes and making sure there’s more than let’s say five forks to use throughout the week, is just a few of the little things I’m also referring too.

My childhood has officially expired and while I’m stoked to have more freedom, choosing the decor I want in my own space and even cooking steak on my own, I can’t help but wonder how many of the little things my parents did that made the house feel whole. 

With that being said, living on your own for the first time with one roommate, three roommates or none is absolutely thrilling, especially when you meet your own mini goals like cooking a dinner that didn’t burn the house down or putting together your own bed frame.

While I’m still not a pro, you can say that living on my own has nothing on me!