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People Are Obsessed with This Sunscreen That Looks Exactly Like Whipped Cream

Summer is the season of sunscreen.

And while most sunscreens come in a bottle that you can pump or squeeze, this company has made their SPF different from the rest of their competition.

Courtesy of Ulta

What’s dubbed the Classic Whip by Vacation, this bottle of sunscreen looks exactly like whipped cream on the outside and on the inside but just remember, you cannot eat this product!

Courtesy of @makeupnikkirenee

To use, hold upside down while gently pressing on the nozzle and watch the whipped sunscreen pour out onto your hand.

It’s just as satisfying as whipped cream.

Courtesy of Ulta

It’s easy to see why people have quickly become OBSESSED with this new sunscreen…

Courtesy of @theglowscout

Just keep in mind to be ready with your hand at the bottle of the nozzle because this sunscreen pours out incredibly fast!

Courtesy of Ulta

Made with clean ingredients and an SPF of 30, this sunscreen mousse can be used on the face and on the body for beach days, a walk around the track, or simply sitting on the bench at the boardwalk.

Courtesy of Ulta

Not to mention this sunscreen feels super light and airy when applied, and doesn’t leave a sticky feeling behind like many sunscreens do!

Courtesy of Ulta

You can currently find the whipped sunscreen stocked on shelves in Ulta stores so you can be prepared for the summer sun!

Courtesy of Ulta