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Everyone Who Did and Didn’t Get Married on Netflix’s ‘The Ultimatum’

The series finale for Netflix’s The Ultimatum is officially here!


For starters, if you haven’t watched the series final yet, click away because there will be spoilers!


Now, if you are wanting a recap on who did and didn’t get married at the end of series, here it is…

Did Shanique and Randall get engaged in The Ultimatum?

Yes! While it seemed like Randall and Madlyn would end up together, Randall realized Shanique was the woman for him and they got engaged at the end.

Did April and Jake get engaged in The Ultimatum?

Unfortunately, no. I knew it going in, they wouldn’t. Jake broke it off with April saying he wasn’t ready for marriage and even told her him and Rae wouldn’t run away together (seems like he lied about that).

Did Rae and Zay get engaged?

Rae initially broke up with Zay during the series and looks like they are staying split for good. Rae ending up leaving with Jake.

Did Colby and Madlyn get engaged?

Yes! The most shocking proposal of all was Colby and Madlyn. Despite everything that happened, Madlyn said yes. Oh and they actually got married right after the proposal. So yeah, they are married now.

This pretty much sums it up…


I was truly rooting for April and Jake but the way Jake handled things was immature. I wish April all the best!