Whoppers Snowballs Are Here To Celebrate The Holidays Right

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Whopper’s winter variety candy dubbed Whoppers Snowballs are the exact opposite of the iconic o.g. candy.

Courtesy of Hersheyland

Most commonly found coated in milk chocolate and stuffed with a crunchy malted milk center, Whoppers Snowballs is instead, coated in vanilla creme for the holiday season.

Courtesy of Hersheyland

Stuffed with the same crunchy malted milk center we all know and love, Whopper’s winter variety is the perfect snack for a day off from school with a blanket of crispy white snow covering the ground.

Courtesy of @collectingcandy

A snack that fits several in the palm of your hand, a cup of steaming hot cocoa or a pot of whistling tea on the stove fits this aesthetic very nicely.

Courtesy of Walgreens

Whoppers Snowballs can be found now on Amazon, for less than $20 a pack.

Courtesy of Amazon

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