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Why Can’t You Just Follow The School’s Dress Code?

Yet another kid got in trouble for not following her school’s dress code and lots of people are up in arms about it.

And, look, I just don’t get it.

Why can’t your kids just wear what they tell them to wear? When your kid isn’t in school, I don’t care if they wear a purple tutu and a halter top.

All of you can wear whatever you want when you aren’t in school, but part of school is being handed a set of rules and learning to follow them.

Why? Because that’s how real life is. In real life, you have to show up to work in business attire.

Most of the time, there’s not even a super simple rulebook to follow, like you have in school.

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You just have to be smart enough to wear clothes appropriate for a business setting and not for ‘da club, or ‘da couch.

This is simple. Schools aren’t even asking too much. All these dress codes are practically the same.

You don’t believe me? Dude, they’re the same thing.

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Every School Dress Code Practically Ever:

  • Don’t show your belly button.
  • Don’t wear shorts that show your cooch when you bend over.
  • Wear shirts long enough to cover your butt if your leggings are so tight you can see your panty lines. (That’s just good fashion sense, anyway.)
  • Don’t show your bra straps.
  • Don’t wear jeans so baggy they show your boxer shorts.

So, stop making a big deal out of it and just make your kid follow the rules.

This isn’t the time to rebel against society and damn the man.

Those teachers are already only getting paid slightly better than minimum wage, and they put up with way too damn much. Don’t put them in the crappy situation of having to be the bad guy who tells your kid they’ve got to go wear old sweatpants from the lost and found.

I don’t know why people think the teachers are the ones to blame when it comes to dress code. I mean, you can’t honestly think that the teachers are sitting around in a room coming up with ways that children must dress in order to be taught.

Trust me, they aren’t. The thing is, they are just doing their job. Part of a teacher’s job is to teach your kid that society has rules. That in life there will be rules they have to follow even if they don’t believe in them.

Guess what? This is one of those times. Remember, even the teachers have to abide by a dress code, even if they do want to wear flip flops and shorts.

And trust me, they do.

Oh, and if your kid does get in trouble for wearing inappropriate clothes, don’t post about it on the internet. Just take them a sweatshirt instead, and MOVE ON WITH YOUR DAY.

Delilah Diaz-Carrillo

Tuesday 2nd of November 2021

In my school, a boy can be sagging and showing their WHOLE A** and won't get dress coded but let it be a girl wearing shorts or a crop top and straight to the principal or the teachers will be like "OH MY GOD your showing too much go put on your gym uniform!" Like man SHUT THE F*** UP!!! I EM SOO DONE AND @Coiln you don't get it your a BOY!!!


Thursday 12th of August 2021

In my school u can see the girls niples some of the time, and the appropriate shirt length is just below you boobs. And those legging things are so tight it's literally like those skin tight Halloween costumes. I mean u feel guilty for even glancing at girls with what they are wearing. I agree with this

Delilah Diaz-Carrillo

Tuesday 2nd of November 2021



Saturday 17th of July 2021

my school dress code: -no cargo pants because we might smuggle drugs in with them- -no spaghetti straps because their too distracting- -we basically cant wear regular length shirts because if any of us put our arms up our midriff cant be showing- -cant wear leggings....LEGGINGS!- -cant wear short unless their like below the knee- (p.s im in middle school, and im 12)


Wednesday 7th of April 2021


Delilah Diaz-Carrillo

Tuesday 2nd of November 2021

@Emily, Yessssss


Saturday 14th of September 2019

I'm 16 and currently in High school. I do agree there needs to be a dress code but it is getting way out of control for my school. I have been dress coded twice this year for shorts that were several inches past revealing anything. I got new shorts anyways and cut them myself so I knew they were long enough... I then got dress coded because they moved while i walked. Like these in seams were probably 6 or 7 inches. Now I'm being forced to wear full pants while it is still 100 degrees out daily because the way my legs are shaped shorts are gonna roll up when I walk. Not to mention the whole not being able to show a bra strap thing/ the three inch wide strap. Like wtf. I'm a 16 year old girl, who cares if someone sees a bra strap. like are shoulders really that sexy. This is school. While yes this is our form of work, this is also our entire social life. Not to mention before I started dressing in what I felt comfortable in I felt horrible about myself and had no self continence, I finally love myself and how I look which is already so hard in this day and age, and the school is saying I can't wear what I feel best in and what I am most confident in. Their reasoning is it distracts boys but why are they teaching girls that if a boy looks at you to change so they don't. Shouldn't we be teaching boys not to serializing girls and honestly the guys I know who actually care about school isn't worried about if the girl in front of them is revealing her shoulders, like anyone who cares wont care about what a girl is wearing.