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Why Crystal Shapes Matter and What They Mean: A Guide

Different crystal shapes have different meanings. One of the great things about crystals is that they aren’t a one size fits all kind of thing. you can use the different shapes of crystals to accomplish different things.

Don’t forget to cleanse your crystals before you use them!

crystal shapes and their meanings

Crystal Shapes And Their Meanings:

Tumbled Crystals and Rough Crystals

Crystals that have been tumbled are often shiny and smooth. These crystals emit a more calm energy. (Think chill vibes.)

A crystal that is still rough and faceted (that means it has lots of bumps and crevices) has a much stronger and more radiant energy.

Both of these are great kinds of crystals and can be used in so many different and cool ways to help you harness the energy and spiritual power of crystals.

Points On Crystals and What They Mean

Many crystals have pointy edges, and these points actually effect their energy and where it goes.

Crystals with lots of different points direct their energy through all these different points, but crystals with only one point direct that energy into that specific location.

Pointy crystals are also great for manifesting.

A one pointed crystal is often the shape of a wand.

Double Terminated Crystals

The crystal has a point at both ends. You can use this crystal to focus energy between two points at a time, or to both so you can send and receive energies at the same time. These are often thought of as the happy crystals.

Double terminated crystals are great at helping you to let negative energy go and inviting in positive energy at the same time.

Twin Crystal (Companion Crystal) Shapes and What They Mean

Twin crystals are crystals with two points fused together. This crystal is usually used to signify relationships or dueling energies.

This is also the twin flame crystal. It is used to symbolize soulmates, because of how the two points are connected at the base.

Clusters of Crystals and What They Mean

This crystal has many different points all growing out of the same base. It directs energies in several different directions and is great for directing energy to many people at once.

There is often a lot of energy in a crystal cluster so it can be used to charge other crystals.

Geode Crystal Shape Meanings

A geode is a hollowed out rock with tons and tiny little crystals inside of it. There can be hundreds or even thousands of tiny facets making it look like glitter.

These are often rough on the outside and beautiful and sparkly on the inside. The geode can be used to help you connect with your inner self and to see the beauty within.

Often times these crystals are a great companion to shadow work.

Key Crystal Shapes and Their Meanings

A key crystal is a crystal with a little hole in it that looks like a piece is missing. You could amost call them a keyhole crystal. They are used to give you access to information you don’t already have access to. (Hence the name.)

You can use a key crystal to enhance spellwork (like with these honey jars) or even just carry it around with you (I love keeping crystals in my bra) when you know someone or something is holding out on you to get the answers you seek.