Here’s Why Morgan Freeman Wore a Single Black Glove to The Oscars

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Morgan Freeman is loved by so many.

That is why it is no surprise that people were concerned after seeing him at The Oscars last night.

During the 95th Academy Awards last night, Morgan Freeman took the stage alongside Margot Robbie to celebrate 100 years of Warner Bros.

Many first noticed that Morgan Freeman was bald and lacking any hair.

But it was one tiny detail that left viewers concerned about his health status…

Morgan Freeman was seen just wearing a single black glove on his left hand.

While some initially believed it was a fashion statement, others quickly learned that it was about a serious accident Morgan Freeman had suffered serious injuries from.

As it turns out, Morgan Freeman was involved in a car crash back in 2008, when he swerved off a Mississippi road and flipped over.

He had to be cut free by the emergency services and badly injured his left arm.

A local newspaper editor said at the time: “They had to use the jaws of life [hydraulic cutters] to extract him from the vehicle.

After his accident, he was told that the pain would subside and he would see some improvement in his hand but to this day, he is still unable to use his hand properly.


He now has to wear a compression glove in order to keep the blood flowing. Thus, the single black glove he wore last night.

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Freeman has also publicly spoken about this before saying:

“I suffered nerve damage and it hasn’t gotten better. I can’t move it.


So, now you know why he is seen sporting a single black glove and while the news is heartbreaking, we are glad he is still with us.

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