These Adorable Witches Feet Candy Bowls Are The Perfect Way To Give Out Halloween Candy

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If you’re one of those houses that choose to hand out king sized candy bars on Halloween night we applaud you; however, if you happen to be the apartment that prefers bite sized candies, we politely ask you to step up your game!

When it’s time to hand out candy on Halloween night, opening and closing the door while carrying a large bucket of over sized candy every twenty minutes or so can become quite repetitive.

Therefore, a simple solution to all of your hard work is a candy bowl with legs, specifically witches’ feet!

Courtesy of TheWoodenOwl

Thanks to Etsy shop owner @TheWoodenOwl, you can currently find trick-or-treat candy bowls with long witches’ legs!

Courtesy of TheWoodenOwl

The cauldron shaped bowls with the words “trick-or-treat” on front are decorated with long, skinny witches’ legs that almost looks like a spell gone wrong.

Courtesy of TheWoodenOwl

The legs are patterned with orange, green or purple colors with black stripes and complete with black chunky shoes and white shoe laces.

Courtesy of TheWoodenOwl

You can also choose to have your candy bowl say “Happy Halloween” written on the front or with no text at all; not to mention you can customize the text too!

Courtesy of TheWoodenOwl

You can currently find cauldron shaped Halloween candy bowls with witches’ feet on Etsy for $58 each.

It’s time for the witches’ legs to be put to use to give ours a break on Halloween night!

Courtesy of TheWoodenOwl

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