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This Woman Had to Be Rescued from A Portable Toilet After Falling in Trying to Retrieve Her Cell Phone

This lady made a set of unfortunate decisions, that inspired a chain reaction of events, that ended with rescue crews having to pull her out of a wretched situation.

Cell phones are our lifelines these days, aren’t they? We would be LOST if we were to lose our phones.

I mean, everything from contact with the outside world, map directions, internet access, social media, games, movies, TV shows, oftentimes work — it’s all on our phones.

I know I would be distraught if I lost my phone, and would do almost anything to get it back.

BUT, I don’t know that I would go as far as this woman did. I may have just called it a day, and hit up my local AT&T store.

There was a woman hiking at a park in Olympic Peninsula, Washington. Nature started calling, and she had to take a break, and head on over to the restroom.

Now, these restrooms weren’t fancy restrooms with granite walls, clean toilet seats, and running water.

Nope. These restrooms — vaulted toilets — were the equivalent of a glorified permanent port-a-potty in the middle of the woods.

A vault toilet is a waterless, non-flush toilet usually placed at outdoor locations like campgrounds – so named because the toilets store waste in an airtight vault underground.


I’m not exactly sure HOW it happened — maybe she was Facebooking while going or using the flashlight feature. Whatever the reason, this lady ended up dropping her cellphone down into the toilet.

Woman Falls Into The Toilet When Trying To Get Her Phone

Here’s when things got a little — nasty.

She — attempted to dismantle the toilet and retrieve it. After disassembling the seat and housing, she used her dog’s leash to try fishing it out.

Brinnon Fire Department

Spoiler Alert: That didn’t work

When fishing the phone out didn’t work, she rigged up the dog leashes as a sort of hoist for herself.

She was going in after the phone.

As you can imagine, it didn’t work.

This is when she fell — HEAD FIRST — into the vault of sh** sewage.

Can you imagine?!? There was NO WATER in this sewage vault. Just urine, feces, and whatever else might be in there.

The good news is she got her phone. The bad news: she couldn’t get out.

HOWEVER, when she retrieved the phone, it was still in working condition.

She tried for 15 or 20 minutes to unsuccessfully climb out of the vaulted toilet. At that point, she admitted defeat, and called rescue crews for help.

When the fire department arrived on the scene, they found her exactly like you would expect.

The crews made a makeshift cribbing platform by passing them down to the patient. After making it tall enough for her to stand on, the crew pulled the victim to safety.

Brinnon Fire Department

They strongly suggested that she seek medical help, since she was exposed to human waste. But, she declined.

She was probably embarrassed, right?!?

The fire department hosed her off, and gave her a TYVEK suit to wear. Then she went on her merry way.

The patient was extremely fortunate not to be overcome by toxic gases or sustain injury.

Brinnon Fire Department

I guarantee you that she will think twice about taking her phone out in a restroom like that again!