This Woman Found A Snake At Her Feet While She Was Driving And I Would Have Crashed My Car

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When I was a teenager, my boyfriend acted like there was a rat in my car as I was driving down the road. I nearly lost control of the vehicle. Turns out, he was just being mean.

BUT, there was a lady in Missouri that was minding her business, driving down the highway, probably bopping along to the radio.

Then she felt it. Something slithered beside her foot.

Y’all. Nope, nope, nope.

It was a snake. Yes, I said a snake.

I would have immediately wrecked the car, then and there.

This woman was somehow able to keep her wits about her, and drove to the Pacific Police Department.

I sure hope it was close by!!

The police were able to get the snake out, and this lady lived to tell the tale.

Pacific Police Department

How Does A Snake Get In Your Car?

As it turns out, having a snake in your car isn’t too far-fetched to actually happen.

Great. Something else to be paranoid about when I get in my car. I already check for people in the backseat, intruders in my trunk, and NOW I have to scope the interior out for creepy crawlies.

Apparently unwanted creatures can get into your car several ways.

Of course, don’t leave an open window in your car. They can crawl right in and make themselves cozy.

Snakes, rats, bats, cats, bees — all the things you don’t want to find in your car — can also crawl up through the undercarriage of the car. *Shudder*

The most likely points of entry are the engine, cabin, and trunk. Snakes like warm places because they’re cold-blooded.

Snakes For Pets

Think about the places you would find creatures. Dark, enclosed, quiet. The car is the perfect place.

Want something else to panic about? If you happen to find a snake skin in your car, that means it’s been hanging out in there for quite some time.

Burn it down. Burn it down to the ground.

Maybe I’ll start taking the bus.

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