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A Woman Used Grubhub To Secretly Ask For Help Because She Was Being Held Hostage

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A woman was being held hostage in the Bronx, and used Grubhub to signal that she needed help.

The unnamed woman was apparently meeting up with a man she had talked to a couple times online.

As too often happens, she didn’t sense any red flags about the meeting.

However, once she got to the man’s location, he assaulted her and later raped her.

Side Note: See kids. Your momma’s not being annoying and pushy when she tells you not to talk to strangers. She knows what she’s talking about.

They guy took away her phone, so she couldn’t call for help.

But, she got an idea.

She asked the man if she could use her phone to order some food.

When he agreed, she secretly took to Grubhub to notify the police that she needed help.

She was pretty savvy, and thought to put her plea in the comments section of the order.

Please call the police — come with the [cops] — please don’t make it obvious.

Note on Grubhub

When “Grubhub” knocked on the door, the man answered. He was obviously expecting the food.

What he got, instead, was an officer with the New York Police Department.


What Did The Restaurant Do When They Received The Help Message?

According to CNN, it was about 5:20am, and the employee didn’t immediately know what to do.

The employee jumped on the phone and called the restaurant owner. He instructed them to call the police.

They had no idea if the message was real or fake.

When officers showed up at the scene, they took Kemoy Royal into custody.

For THIS crime, he is being charged with committing predatory sexual assault, rape, criminal sexual act, and sexual abuse.

But, this wasn’t his first victim!

Royal also faces separate charges of strangulation, committing sexual abuse and attempted criminal sexual act for another alleged sexual assault against a 26-year-old woman around four days earlier, the complaint states. It is not immediately clear how police linked the two cases together.


Y’all. Be careful out there. People can be nuts!

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