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Women Are Feeling Offended By Bo Burnham’s ‘White Woman’s Instagram’ And It’s Absolutely Hilarious

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of Bo Burnham’s ‘Inside’ Special on Netflix. And if you didn’t watch it, chances are, you’ve at least heard one of his catchy tunes!


But one song in particular is taking the world by force, in both good and…interesting ways.


One of his most popular songs is “White Woman’s Instagram’, and it refers to all of the cliché things you’ll see on a typical woman’s Instagram. And it’s not wrong in the slightest!


From tiny pumpkins, to fuzzy socks, Burnham covers all of the cute and quirky things you’ll find on a typical woman’s Instagram. He even blessed us by acting some of them out!


Since the song released, lots of ladies are playing the song in TikTok and seeing how long they can last before falling into the cliché categories that Burnham set up from the song. (Spoiler alert: most don’t make it past tiny pumpkins!)


But don’t get offended Karen, this clever humor, although it may be true, isn’t meant to hurt anyone’s feelings. Burnham has a way of cleverly relating to the world around us, and this song just so happens to fit in that category.


I even tested the theory myself and didn’t make it past the second line…sorry not sorry!

If you haven’t heard Bo Burnham’s clever songs yet, I definitely suggest giving them a try! And don’t be scared, test yourself on his ‘White Woman’s Instagram’ lyrics! Let’s see how far you can make it!


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  1. Totally with Jenna here. This article just lazy fangirling/fanboying with a side of name calling.

  2. Lmao, feeling offended by this song doesn’t make anyone a Karen at all. I feel like you should look up that word before using it in the wrong context. Also, insulting someone because they feel offended by something, instead of arguing against it? How extremely immature of you.

    I liked the song, by the way. But I definitely disagree with what you’ve said here.

    By the way, simply calling it “clever” without explaining why it is in an article about the song makes it seem like you’re really bad at your job.

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