WWE Ice Cream Sandwiches Are Back And It’s Like Taking A Bite Out of My Childhood

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Where are all my WWE wrestling fans at? You are about to go totally insane!

The Good Humor WWF Superstars of Wrestling Ice Cream Bars are BACK, after being gone for NINE years!

Just like all of us, these ice cream bars have grown up a little in the nine years they were gone.


In keeping up with the times, they are now called WWE Superstars Cookie Sandwiches. They will no longer sport that handy popsicle stick, and they will not have that delicious side that is coated in chocolate.


This NEW ice cream heaven will resemble more of an ice cream sandwich — because it is! Look forward to delicious squares of vanilla ice cream, surrounded by two WWE ice cream sandwich cookies. They are still crazy delicious, for sure!


Each cookie square will feature one of your favorite WWE Superstars: John Cena,  “Macho Man” Randy Savage, Becky Lynch, or Roman Reigns.


You no longer have to wait for that magic sound of the ice cream truck to run out and get one of these yummy ice cream bars — although, that was part of the fun of it, am I right?!?


Be on the lookout! These ice cream sandwiches are coming directly to your nearest grocery store.


They are already listed on the Good Humor website, so they are a sure thing!

Word is, these will STILL be on ice cream trucks, if you can find one. There should totally still be ice creams trucks everywhere! I have no shame. I would totally run out for an ice cream as soon as I heard that magic music start up!


Are you so excited? Get ready to share your childhood favorite with a new generation!

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