You Can Get A Cheez-It Egg For The Perfect Easter Basket Treat

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I don’t think I have ever met a kid that didn’t like Cheez-It Crackers! They have been around FOREVER and people of all ages love them.


They have so many different kinds to choose from these days. My favorite is the Cheez-It Grooves Zesty Cheddar Ranch Crackers! So freaking good!


This year, you can add an Egg FILLED with Cheez-It Crackers to the Easter baskets! Frankford Candy is always coming up with new ideas!


It would be perfect for little ones! Load up the Easter basket with snacks instead of candy.

Maybe they’ll even share them with you! I suggest you pick up a few so that you can have your own Cheez-It Easter egg!

It has already been spotted at Walmart! It isn’t on the website right now, so you will have to have your own egg hunt to find it!

Happy hunting y’all!

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