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You Can Get A Wagon That Turns Into A Sled For The Best Winter Fun Ever

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Winter is coming!

Sledding as a child was one of my favorite memories growing up in Michigan.

Sadly, here in Texas, those days that allow for sledding are slim, but we still try to do it if the opportunity arises.

The thing is when you don’t have a lot of sledding days available it’s kind of pointless to own sleds.


This is why I am thrilled about this Amazon find!

It’s a wagon that you can use to do wagon things with, like hauling the kids around, supplies for camping and events, gardening, fishing, etc… but the magic comes in with the transformation into a sled!


We have limited space at our current home and multi-use items are a must to save space.

This wagon turns into a snow sled very easily, all that you have to do is swap out the wheels and replace them with the included skis.

You can then use it as a sled and it’s so much easier to take your children out and about when the wagon easily glides over snow-covered surfaces.


The wagon can hold up to 300 lbs, so your kids should be just fine in it.

Not only can you turn the wagon into a sled, but you can also purchase attachments to make it even cooler!

They have a canopy that you can purchase to attach to protect from the elements such as the cold, rain, and snow.

There is also a padded base and sides that you can purchase so that children can ride in comfort.

You can also remove the sides of the wagon if needed and it comes with a foldable handle to make storage easy.

This convertible wagon that turns into a snow sled is great for children ages 3 and up.

You can purchase your own Millside Industries Convertible Garden Wagon Sleigh on Amazon!

You can purchase the protective canopy here and the padded base and sides here.


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