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You can get an Addams Family Black Icee and it is SO GOOD

Just in time for the animated film, The Addams Family, AMC Theaters is bringing out a Black Cherry Icee. I could scream with excitement!

This is no ordinary Black Cherry Icee. It is actually BLACK … as black as little Wednesday’s soul.

If the blue Icee stains your mouth blue, I can only imagine what havoc a BLACK Icee is going to cause. LOL!

The mysterious and not-so-spooky film is set to be released October 11, and I can not wait! I also can not wait to get my hands on one of these creepy Black Cherry Icees!!

You can get this dark concoction NOW, but it is here for a very limited time.

I may go see a movie today just to nab one of these spooky drinks!

Calling all goth kids! This one’s for you … and the rest of us, too!