You Can Get An Inflatable Pool To Place In The Back Of Your Pickup Truck And I Need It

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Drive by pool party anyone?

If any of you have a pickup truck you’re in luck, because this genius design has taken the idea of chilling with friends to the NEXT LEVEL!

Courtesy of Walmart

Now this is something I would totally buy if I had my own truck, but writing about it will be as close as I can get!

Courtesy of Walmart

This product really brings me back to the Summer time. It combines the two best things about the season, pools and hanging out with friends.

I mean, it’s better than this…


Plus, what’s not to like about the two especially when you combine them both! You just purchased your BEST summer yet.

Courtesy of Walmart

Transform your pickup truck to a truck bed swimming pool and bring your summer fun anywhere you go with the Summer Waves Inflatable Truck Bed Pool. This truck bed pool fits any standard-sized truck, and is extremely easy to set up. Simply inflate the pool with air, fill it with water, and enjoy a pool party anywhere, any time! These pools are great for road trips, camping trips, tailgating parties and RV parks. Make a splash at the back of your truck this summer!


Its’ called the Summer Waves Inflatable Truck Bed Pool and here’s how it works!


All you have to do is place the pool in the bed of your truck, inflate and wallah, you are in great shape to soak up the sun; not to mention your pool is now mobile wherever you go!

Courtesy of Walmart

When you are done, just unplug it to drain the water, let the air out, roll it up and you are good to go!


Now if only I can convince my boyfriend’s dad to buy this, so we hang in our bathing suits all day in the back of his new truck!


You can get this convenient pool at Walmart for 45 bucks!

Courtesy of Walmart

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