You Can Get Free Drinks From 7-Eleven For A Year. Here’s How.

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7-Eleven, I NEED one of these for Christmas!! Just tell Santa to throw one right in his red bag of treats with my name on it.

They have come out with these glorious Tervis tumblers, available in a 30-ounce Big Gulp mug, a 20-ounce coffee mug, and a 20-ounce Slurpee mug.

They are ONLY available online, and they are $129. WHAT?!? That wasn’t a misprint, I said $129.

That sounds INSANE, but wait — you get UNLIMITED drink refills with this mug for the entirety of 2020. ALL 365 days! Wait, is it a leap year? It may be 366 days.

There is a catch. You have to get the drink that corresponds with the cup. So, if you buy a $129 Tervis COFFEE Tumbler, you can’t fill it with a Slurpee. I’m really okay with that. I’ll just take the GIANT Big Gulp tumbler.

*Tumbler comes in a pre-wrapped gift box, just in time for the holidays
*Stainless steel, double walled, vacuum insulated 30-ounce (or 20-ounce) tumbler
*Can be refilled with any soft drink or brewed iced tea (or corresponding drink)
*Free refills are only valid with this cup. No other cups can be used with this offer.
*Due to limited quantities, orders are limited to ONE tumbler per customer.  Refills applicable to United States only.  


Tervis tumblers are FREAKING AMAZING tumblers. Combine them with FREE drinks for a YEAR from 7-Eleven, and you can’t help but say, YES PLEASE!

Unfortunately, there is one little problem. When these tumblers went on sale, they SOLD OUT in THIRTY minutes!! They only had 50 of each available, and they were GONE before an hour was up.

Oh, 7-Eleven. Bring these back!! I NEED one in my life. Luckily, I can still get this STARBUCKS TUMBLER that will get me free coffee or tea for the entire month of January.

Via Starbucks

As long as we are collecting tumblers, Dear Santa, I’ll take a trip to Disney World for Christmas. I can add to my collection of tumblers with their EXCLUSIVE Starbucks Tumblers.

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