You Can Now Watch All 403 Episodes Of Bob Ross For Free. Here’s How.

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If there’s one thing that self-isolation has taught me, it’s that too much relaxation is a real thing. I used to beg for free time of sitting on the couch and watching some TV, but truthfully, it’s kind of getting old.

However, I’m starting to think its not the actual “relaxation” that’s bugging me, but possibly how, I’m relaxing. Maybe it’s too much Netflix or maybe I’m just simply over watching re- run episodes of ‘New Girl’.

Whatever it is, I need a new routine and I think I may have found one, and it involves Bob Ross!


Yes, Bob Ross! The famous painter who was known for creating beautiful landscapes in a short amount of time and could teach anyone how to do it.

Plus, what’s more relaxing than hearing Bob Ross’s soothing and weirdly enough, aesthetically pleasing voice. There’s just something about him that creates an entirely calming atmosphere.


On his Youtube page, you can watch for FREE, all episodes of his show ‘The Joy of Painting’.

Now this is the type of relaxation I was talking about, something engaging and something fun that I can do (or in this case try to do). Also who doesn’t love Bob Ross to begin with?!!


You can find the free episodes here. All 31 seasons of ‘The Joy of Painting’ is listed, with about 403 episodes. I better get started now!

Courtesy of Youtube

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