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You Can Plant A Flower That Looks Like Plump Lips and I Need It

This plant, with the pretty red lips, is called the Psychotria elata, and it is a tropical plant that is normally found in Central and South American countries.

Courtesy of Amusing Plants

But, it has a pretty hilarious name!

It is known as “Hooker Lips,” and that is what I am going to call it, forever and always. LOL!

You might run into this plant if you are in the rainforest of Costa Rica, Columbia, or Ecuador.

The Hooker Lips plant is also known as the “Hot Lips” plant, but that is far less funny.

My husband pointed out that it looks like the Kylie Jenner plant. Ha! He’s not wrong.

According to, the red “lips” are only visible for a short time, and then a flower shoots out like a tongue. At that point, the lips open up and disappear.

Courtesy of Amusing Plants

The big red kissable lips are great at attracting hummingbirds and butterflies, which are crucial to pollination of the plant.

You can get seeds to grow your own Hooker Lips plant right on the Amazon website. Leave it to Amazon!! LOL!

Courtesy of Amazon

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Courtesy of special_plants_world on Instagram