You Can Take A Virtual Tour Of Disney’s Animal Kingdom with Imagineer Joe Rohde

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Would you like to take a tour of Disney’s Animal Kingdom? Well, you totally can!

Imagineer Joe Rohde has been doing this through his Instagram for all to enjoy!

He doesn’t just show you photos, but he tells you the backstory and details of it all.

He has talked about Africa, the Tree of Life, and all about Asia. Now he is taking us to Expedition Everest!

This tour starts with the architecture of Serka Zong which is the village that surrounds the mountains.


He shows us all of the ritual type items they have incorporated, they’re a little creepy!


Then he tells us the story about the attraction and its architecture. Like how they altered things to make it more authentic.


Next, we move on to the Mandir and a Chorten. The details are amazing! You feel like it is real! 


It’s difficult to tell much of a story on a ride. It must be very simple and nonverbal, completely comprehensible as pure experience. That puts a burden on the queue experience to set the scene. Plus we also want to frame the story in our broader set of conservation stories….

Joe Rohde

The last part shows you the actual ride in photos.  This totally looks like fun!


All of that means that the fastest most exciting part of this ride is the last part of the ride and instead of coming into the station exhausted, slow, at the tail end of an energy investment, the train comes in fast and hot. Which means people leave with the last impression that is very exciting. Now, we all know there is a yeti in there somewhere… But everything I’m talking about would be obvious to you if you could not see. It is entirely a kinesthetic analysis.

Joe Rohde

Be sure to follow Joe’s Instagram for more photos, adventures, and stories!


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