You Can Turn An Old Fridge Into A Rustic Outdoor Cooler And I Am In Love

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This DIY shows you how to turn an old refrigerator into a rustic looking cooler and I am in LOVE!

Matt Makes

Do you have an old refrigerator just taking up space? Well then have I got news for you!

With just about $40 worth of supplies, you can turn that ugly ole’ thing into a rustic cooler and it will be the centerpiece of your next backyard barbeque!

Matt Makes

Even if you don’t happen to own an old refrigerator, you can usually find one for free or super cheap on craigslist!

I’m just imagining how many cans of Malibu Splash I can fit in this giant cooler!

Maybe a few tubs of Dill Pickle Hummus as well for when I am feeling a bit snack-ish!

Matt Makes

This can even be made on a smaller scale, by using a mini-refrigerator instead of a standard size!

You could also customize the exterior and throw on a layer of stain if you’re feeling extra crafty!

I’m not the super crafty type of mom, but I am pretty sure that even I could pull off this DIY. If I can do it, then so can you!

The creator of this super awesome DIY cooler even made a step by step instructable, so you’re pretty much guaranteed to be successful!

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