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You Can Watch Jason Momoa Bite The Head Off A Bat In Ozzy Osbourne’s New Teaser

Is there anything Jason Momoa can’t do or doesn’t look good while doing?

Wait, don’t answer that – the answer is NO except when he is pulling off his muscles (I still have nightmares about that).

Anyways, you can get your daily dose of Momoa by Watching HimRock Out to Ozzy Osbourne’s New Song which at the end, he seems to bite off the head of a bat.

No, not really. I am sure there was no bats harmed in the making BUT he does do it in homage to one of Ozzy’s most memorable moments.

In this teaser video, Jason Momoa is seen rocking out while singing to Ozzy Osbourne’s new song “Scary Little Green Men” and even dresses and acts like Ozzy.

The song is part of Ozzy Osbourne’s new album Ordinary Man which is available now on Amazon.

This is a cool and yet strange way to see Momoa. Is he going to be the new prince of darness?

By the way, this is just a teaser but who knows if Jason Momoa will be in the new music video. We can only hope so.

You can check out the teaser below.