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You Can Get A Nightmare Before Christmas Zero Light And You Know Your Kids Need It

It’s obvious, we are obsessed with all things Nightmare Before Christmas, but that’s okay, because I’m BETTING you are too.

You KNOW that I’m going to get on here, and share any cool Nightmare Before Christmas goodies that I find, and THIS is a good one!

Courtesy of BoxLunch

I absolutely love Jack Skellington’s Dog, Zero, but he’s often left out of the fun NBC finds. Not this time! This is ALL about Zero, and I’m Giddy.

Courtesy of BoxLunch

This Zero Dog is a lamp, but it’s more like an ambiance glowing lamp than it is like a reading lamp.

Courtesy of BoxLunch

It comes with batteries, so you don’t have to worry about going to the store just for a battery run. That’s so annoying, AMIRITE?!?

Courtesy of BoxLunch

There is a 10-minute shut-off timer on this Zero lamp, so that’s just enough time to start it for the kids as they go to bed. I know my kids won’t go to sleep without a nightlight, and this lamp is the cutest!

Courtesy of BoxLunch

Set the mood for all things spooky with this mood lamp from Disney’s The Nightmare Before Christmas! Jack Skellington’s ghost dog Zero is here to get you in the Halloween spirit in the form of this figural LED light.


This Zero Dog Lamp is six inches tall. Just PERFECT to go on that bedside table, or that entryway desk.

He is a BoxLunch exclusive, and he will cost you just over $17 plus shipping to get this little dude to your house.

Courtesy of BoxLunch

Since I KNOW you are Nightmare Before Christmas fans, like we are, you have to check out this Oogie Boogie Wreath. It’s the PERFECT decoration for Halloween.