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Zetus Lapetus! Zenon is on Disney+ Right Now

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Fire up the Proto Zoa, because everyone’s favorite girl of the 21st century, Zenon is on Disney+ and you can watch it right now.

Even though it turns out we’ve been saying Zenon’s catch phrase all wrong, she is STILL on Disney+ right now, and I can’t wait.

It’s hard to believe that Zenon, girl of the 21st century is actually older than my firstborn child, but I mean, she is the girl of the 21st century after all.

Cue all the nostalgia, because I had big plans to wear neon colors, rock crazy hair, and head out to all the off-world concerts.

Were you planning on attending otherwordly concerts? I mean, it turns out that she DID get a lot of stuff right about the 21st century, but I wonder if the rest of the show holds up.

I’ll let you guys know.

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