This Zoo Dyed Dogs and Put Them in The ‘Panda’ Exhibit and The Reason is Ridiculous

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When you go to a zoo you expect to see the real thing, not a counterfeit right?

There is a zoo in China that tried to pull a fast one on zoogoers and it did not go over well.

Fake Panda’s? C’mon man!

Image credit: New York Post

The zoo unveiled the impersonators on May 1st at the Taizhou Zoo in Jiangsu Province, China.

People expected to see Pandas and what they got instead was Chow Chow dogs dyed like a Panda Bear.

The Chow Chow is a Chinese dog, and I am not a fan of the breed. However, they are cute! Do they belong in the zoo though? Absolutely not.

Image credit: New York Post

They gave the dogs a Panda-style cut during grooming, then they dyed their faces with black markings to appear more Panda-like… I’m not quite sure who they think they were going to fool with this.

The Panda-looking dogs were placed on display in the ‘Panda’ enclosure daily from 8 am to 5 pm.

Image credit: New York Post

They were asked why they did this and they simply replied: “There are no panda bears at the zoo and we wanted to do this as a result.”

Ummm… How about let’s just not have a Panda exhibit?

Many zoogoers said this was animal cruelty, but the zoo disagrees.

What do you think about the Panda cosplaying dogs in the ‘Panda’ exhibit?

Image credit: New York Post

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