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I’m In Love With This Tiny House School Bus Conversion and Now It Is My Retirement Plan

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Right now I’m still a mother of young daughters that live at home, but one day the last two of the three will make their own way in life.

That leaves me and the husband and my dogs.

I would love to have a tiny home on wheels that I can either travel in or maybe one that is just parked on our own property as a little escape from the world.

Exploring Alternatives

This person made a tiny home by converting an old bus and they used salvaged materials to do it.

It’s the cutest thing measuring in at 19 feet long, 7.5 feet wide, and 5 feet 10 inches tall in the center.

Exploring Alternatives

They don’t drive this tiny home, so that gave them more freedom with the interior rebuild.

They took out the driver’s seating area and turned it into a shower and even added a window there.

Exploring Alternatives

The kitchen has everything you need to get by, there is a bar refrigerator, a counter with a kitchen sink, a propane stove, and of course more windows for some natural light.

Exploring Alternatives

The tiny bus home has a queen-sized bed with the underneath area being utilized for storage, they even added a desk for crafting and workspace.

Exploring Alternatives

There is a marine propane fireplace from Dickson to heat the tiny home on colder days and nights and everything is sealed up with insulation.

Outside you can sit on the cozy covered porch that was added, or on the other side near the firepit.

Exploring Alternatives

The bathroom is an outhouse with a composting toilet, but there is also running water to wash your hands.

Watch the video below for a full tour of this whimsical home on wheels!

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