You Can Get Turkish Delights Similar To The Ones Edmund Eats In ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’

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Let’s be honest, we all have craved specific foods or certain dishes in movie scenes that are done well!

For example, the powdered beignets in The Princess and the Frog or even the Mac N’ Cheese Kevin almost eats with a fork and knife in Home Alone, and one of the most remembered scenes in The Chronicles of Narnia are the Turkish Delights the White Witch feeds Edmund when he strays from his family.

Interesting enough, these Turkish Delights exist and since they looked so good in the movie, they are definitely worth a taste test!

A video that has surfaced on TikTok has reached a ton of views and a lot of attention because this TikToker found a pack of Turkish Delights that are similar to the ones in the movie and to be honest, they look delicious enough to order!


Better yet, you can currently find these sweet treats on Amazon, similar to the Turkish Delights that Mr. Edmund eats in the first movie of The Chronicles of Narnia.

When Edmund first bites into the Turkish Delight, the texture of the sweet treat looks incredibly soft to the touch that makes the dessert satisfying and drool worthy.


The Turkish Delights you can find on Amazon are called Galil Turkish Delights with Pistachio and powdered sugar; you can get the 16 ounce box on Amazon for just about $30 so you can finally have a taste of the Witch’s snack!

Courtesy of Amazon

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