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15 Free Fun Virtual Workouts To Get Your Exercise In While You Are At Home

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Being stuck at home doesn’t mean you have to stop moving and having fun!

We have 15 of the most fun workouts on YouTube, from Morning Yoga, to Zumba, to KPop Workouts, stay active and have fun.

You can do these workouts by yourself, or include the family.

Let’s start at the beginning!

Courtesy of Pamela Reif on YouTube

1) Good Morning Workout – Get you up and moving first thing in the morning.

2) Sun Salutation – Wake up with this quick Yoga workout. This is my favorite of all the yoga workouts!

Courtesy of Natasha Kerr on YouTube

Dance Workouts

Courtesy of Fitness Marshall on YouTube

3) Fitness Marshall – Caleb Marshall takes the cardio dance workout to the NEXT LEVEL. I could sit and watch these all day! But, the point is to get up and do them. Ha!

4) Move With Colour – These are short 10-minute dances, but you will learn how to dance like Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, Disco Funk, and more. You will love it!

5) 305 Fitness – This hip hop dance routine workout promises to be “lit” Ha! Let us know what you think!

Courtesy of 305 Fitness on YouTube

Kids And Adults Zumba

Courtesy of Zumba with Dovydas on YouTube

6) Zumba with Dovydas – He makes Zumba feel like a party! There are both adult and kid videos on this site! So Fun.

7) JECA – Zumba Pilates Aerobics – I only wish my hips would move like that! These are super fun Zumba style workouts for adults and kids alike!

Courtesy of JECA – Zumba Pilates Aerobics on YouTube

KPop Workouts

Courtesy of KPop Fitness on YouTube

8) KPop Fitness – Where my KPop lovers at? This one’s for you. These 15 minute workouts make you feel like your a KPop backup dancer.

9) Guardian of the Universe – This is more intense version of a KPop Workout. You can do it!

10) Emi Wong, KPop Workout – This is an easy KPop workout that anyone should be able to do.

Courtesy of Emi Wong on YouTube

Country Music Hoedown

Courtesy of Khanelya Musheyeva on YouTube

11) Dance Off The Inches – Country – Line Dance Party – An easy, lower intensity workout to fun country music.

12) Zumba Country – For all my country babies out there. This is a fast paced, country dance Zumba style workout.

Courtesy of Isabelle Gingras on YouTube

Disney Workout

Courtesy of Skitdora2010 on YouTube

13) Disney’s Mousercise TV episode pt 1 of 3 – I used to do this as a kid. It’s really retro, really Disney, and really fun.

14) Bethany Foutz Disney Inspired Workout – This one isn’t cardio, but it’s still Disney, and fun!

Courtesy of Bethany Founts on YouTube

Fun For The Whole Family

Courtesy of The Vista Group on YouTube

15) Sweatin’ to the Oldies – So cheesy, it’s fun! Gather your family, and get to sweatin’ together. Sing the songs out LOUD as you workout!

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  1. How about Yoga and much less strenuous exercise for those with pain, physical limitations, the elderly & the very young?

  2. How about a less strenuous workout geared toward seniors who may or may not have physical limitations?
    Please, we are in dire need of inclusion of exercise in this time of quarantine. Thank you!