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27 Restaurants That Are Open On Christmas Day

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You’ve opened all the gifts, you’ve eaten the traditional Christmas meal, you’ve had your fill of family, now what?

There is this point on Christmas Day when you just reach the end, but what the heck do you do when everything is closed? What happens when you work up another appetite, when you’ve eaten all the Christmas food you can eat, and you just want something you don’t have to go to the stove and make?

You are probably wishing that one of your favorite pizza chains — or ANY restaurant, for that matter — would open its doors.

Well, take heart, my friends! There are some restaurants that are open on Christmas Day, and we are here to help you choose the perfect end to your perfect Day.

Restaurants That Are Open Christmas Day

Applebee’s — Like most places, you will have to call to make sure your local Applebee’s is serving up those Bourbon Street steaks and Oreo shakes. But, the good news is that some locations are, indeed, open!

Benihana — It’s time to get your sushi and hibachi on, because many Benihana locations are open on Christmas. Call ahead to make sure your local restaurant is participating in Christmas hours.

Boston Market — Comfort food that I don’t have to cook? Yes, please! Some locations even offer special food around the holidays. BUT, call to make sure your local restaurant is participating in the open Christmas hours.

Buca Di Beppo — You can make an Italian feast your new holiday tradition! You can even get it catered, and enjoy that delicious Italian fare from the comfort of your own home.

Buffalo Wild Wings — While some locations are closed on December 25th, there are plenty of locations that will be open to serve you up a plate of hot and spicy wings. Make sure you call beforehand.

Burger King — Some locations will, indeed, be open. Make sure you call before you head out.

Del Taco — When I lived on the West Coast, we were ALL ABOUT some Del Taco on a Christmas night. Call just to make sure your favorite spot is open, but many of them are open on 12/25.

Denny’s — You can always count on some Denny’s comfort food! The establishment has been open 24/7 in the past, so there is no reason to think that it will be closed this year. Make sure you call first to make sure.

Dominos Pizza — Now, not ALL locations will be open, BUT some of them are independently owned. It’s a good idea to call ahead to find out if your local establishment is serving up hot pies.

Firehouse Subs — A few select locations will be open on Christmas Day. Call ahead to ensure you aren’t showing up to a dark restaurant.

DunkinDonuts — Are you craving an iced coffee and a glazed donut? Many locations are open all day on Christmas. Make sure you call ahead to make sure your local Dunkin’ is serving up the goods.

Golden Corral — Many locations will be open for all your Christmas needs, be it dinner or 2nd dinner.

Huddle House — Breakfast for dinner? Yes, please! Huddle House is OPEN on Christmas Day and Christmas Eve.

IHOP — True, there are a select few establishments that will be closed, but MANY of them are open so you can get your pancakes, crepes, omletes, or burgers on.

Macaroni Grill — Don’t want to make that Christmas meal at home? Most Macaroni Grill locations will be open (with some reduced hours) on Christmas Day!

McDonald’s — Now, I PERSONALLY want a reprieve from McDonald’s on Christmas Day (my kids want to go there every day of the week), but most locations will be open for all your burger and chicken nuggie needs. Make sure you call first.

Old Country Buffet — Some locations are closed due to COVID (it ruins EVERYTHING), but there are a select few locations that will be open on Christmas Day (with reduced hours). Call your local restaurant before heading out.

Panda Express — YUM!! Many locations will be open, with a select few closing their doors on Christmas Day. Make sure you call to be sure.

Popeye’s — Select locations will be operating on Christmas Day. Make sure you call ahead to make sure.

Ruth’s Chris Steak House — If you want to splurge and get all fancy, now’s your time to do it, because Ruth’s Chris has traditionally served a special Surf and Turf three course holiday meal on Christmas Day!

Shoney’s — They traditionally have a Christmas feast, but COVID could mess up the plans a little this year. Make sure you call to make sure they are still a go for their Christmas Day festivities.

Sonic Drive-In — While some locations will be closed, there are a few that will remain open on Christmas Day. Call before you head out to get your Cherry Limeade fix.

Starbucks — Now, hours will vary at each location, but Starbucks locations are traditionally open on Christmas day for all your Latte and Frappuccino needs. Mama is going to need a Caramel Macchiato after staying up ’till 3am putting together gifts, AMIRITE?!?

Subway — Many locations are locally owned, and it is up to the establishment whether they remain open on Christmas Day. Call ahead.

TGI Fridays — Back in the day, we would hit up our local TGI Fridays location EVERY Christmas. A lot of the locations will be closed, but some locations will be open from 3pm to 11pm. Call your local restaurant to make sure.

Waffle House — This is my family’s go-to greasy spoon splurge every Christmas evening. You can always count on Waffle House to be open 24/7. Bring on those pecan waffles!!

Wendy’s — Some locations will be closed on Christmas Day, but MANY locations will operate under normal hours. Make sure you call ahead.

The key to ALL of these wonderful establishments that have decided to open their doors to the waiting public on Christmas Day is to CALL AHEAD to make sure your favorite location is participating.

Merry Christmas!

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