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7 Fun Alternatives To Dyeing Easter Eggs

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We are dangerously close to Easter, and the price of Eggs just keeps going up, up, up.

That kind of puts a damper on all our eggy Easter activities — dyeing eggs, egg hunts, deviled eggs, and the like.

It’s time to get creative, and see what fun alternatives there are to using tons of expensive eggs.

Side note: I never thought I’d be uttering the words “expensive eggs,” but here we are.

So, here’s what you are going to do. Think outside the box!

Be creative, have fun, and you won’t even miss those hard-boiled money suckers.

7 Fun Alternatives To Hard-Boiled Easter Eggs

First — get your hands on a bunch of those plastic eggs. They will come in handy for a lot of these activities.


You can find bulk Plastic Easter Eggs for around $7 on Amazon.


Then, you’re going to pick some fun activities, and get to getting with the creativity and fun.

1) Birdseed Easter Eggs – Super easy and fun!! You’ll use the plastic eggs as a mold.

Pro-tip: Cover them in peanut butter before you hang them. Birds will LOVE it.

You can get the directions for making Birdseed Easter Eggs HERE.

2) Decorative Paper Eggs – Have small kids that will miss the dying of eggs?

Use these simple Paper Craft Ideas to get their creative juices flowing. They will have just as much fun — and it might save you a little mess. BONUS!!

Get ideas for Decorative Paper Egg Crafts HERE.

3) Egg Sugar Cookies – Make egg-shaped sugar cookies, and let your kids go WILD decorating them.

Heck, this activity would be fun for kids — or — you can have a girls’ night out, cookie decorating party! FUN!!

4) Easter Greeting Cards – Handmade Easter Greeting Cards would be fun to send to relatives and friends for Easter.

OR — you could be brave, and go take them to a nursing or assisted living home. The residents would love it!!

5) GAK Filled Easter Eggs – This is a fun, and totally on trend, alternative to dying Easter Eggs.

Get the directions for making GAK Filled Easter Eggs HERE.

6) Learn To Draw A Bunny – Skip the eggs altogether, and focus on the bunnies!!

Follow this fun tutorial for learning to Draw A Bunny HERE.

7) Decorate Plastic Easter Eggs – You have all those plastic eggs, fill them up with treats, and let your kids decorate them to their little hearts’ desires.

Use stickers, markers, puffy paint, or whatever other crafts you have on hand.


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