Amazon is Selling Blue Java Banana Trees That Tastes Like Vanilla Ice Cream

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You know when you’re craving something sweet that only ice cream can tame?

You also know when that happens it’s when you’ve already had your cheat meal or treat for the week?

Well, move over ice cream because Amazon is Selling Blue Java Banana Trees That Tastes Like Vanilla Ice Cream and I Need Some Stat!

No sorrow or guilting here, I mean, it’s a banana so how could you be mad at yourself for eating it?

Blue Java Bananas… they are even pretty to look at!

These bananas are said to have a consistency of ice cream but the taste of vanilla bringing you to a vanilla ice cream treat.


Aside from the great taste, they offer a mood booster, help with digestion and help level out blood sugar.

Aside from their official name, they are also known as Ice Cream or Hawaiian Bananas.

The skin of the fruit has a silvery-blue color while the flesh is white.

These bananas originates from Southeast Asia and prevails throughout the Hawaiian Islands.

If you aren’t lucky enough to live in Hawaii or someone with the right climate to grow these, you’ll be happy to know that The Blue Java banana tree is known to survive lower temperatures down to 20F/-7C.

Many online vendors across the US will deliver the tree straight to your door and you can grow it at home.

In fact, you can order your Blue Java Banana Tree right on Amazon!!!

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