Black Apples Exist and Apparently They Taste Sweeter Than Honey

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Whether or not you prefer Granny Smith apples over Honeycrisp, there’s no doubt in saying that we all enjoy a crisp apple on the outside, soft on the inside, and semi-sweet in taste!

Considering an apple a day keeps the doctor away, a great new years goal to consider if you haven’t already, is to eat more apples, preferably one every single day!

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Thanks to a recent Facebook post that went viral, we now have one more reason to eat the juicy fruit.

@Give A Shift About Nature recently posted a picture detailing that black apples do indeed exist and if you have one sweet tooth or two, these apples will satisfy those late night sugar cravings!

What Are Black Apples?

Black apples, also known as the Black Diamond despite their name are actually colored a deep shade of purple.

Coming from the family of Hua Niu apples, also known as Chinese Red Delicious, these apples break the red and green color scheme for many of the apples we often see on a grocery run.

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The rich color exists from the dramatic temperature changes in its growing climate while also receiving large amounts of ultraviolet light throughout the day.

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What Do Black Apples Taste Like?

The Black Diamond is said to taste sweeter than honey with a crispy outer layer that is unlike the skin of other apples on the market!

While this type of apple looks like it came from a Disney fairytale film, it tastes like it could be from Cinderella’s castle too!

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Where to Buy Black Diamond Apples?

Unfortunately you won’t find these apples piled high at your nearest grocery store, but instead these apples are exclusively grown in Nyingchi, a small remote city in the mountainous region of Tibet for $7 a pop!

Courtesy of @brickjunny

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