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If You Call This Number, She Hulk and The Hulk Have A Message For The Superhero in You

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If you’re looking for a special message for the superhero in you, you need to listen up!!

As you may know by now, there is a new She Hulk series on Disney+.


People really love it. So much in fact, people found out a super secret about the show…

Hidden in the image above, people noticed there was a number that is partially blocked.


Well, some genius minds determined it was an actual phone number.

When you call the number, you get a greeting message which sounds like She Hulk trying to record a voicemail with The Hulk in the background trying to coax her into what to say.


The message starts with She Hulk saying:

“Hi, you’ve reached the super human law division at GLK&H.


Then in the background, The Hulk says:

“Okay, this time, record is as “She Hulk”. Yep. Yep.


She Hulk then responds:

You know they can’t see me, right? Aw okay – whatever.

She then continues:

“Your call is very important to us. Our associates are unavailable to take your call at this time but please stay on the line to hear about our services here at GLK&H.


There is a brief pause of music and then the message continues…

You really need to call and listen to it yourself. It’s great and I am sure the kids will love it too!

Call 1-877-SHE-HULK (1-877-743-4855)


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