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You Can Get A PopSocket For Your Coffee Cup And I’m Obsessed

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I am obsessed with the PopSocket for my phone. I resisted getting one FOREVER, because I didn’t see the point. I was oh-so-wrong!

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I recently learned that you can switch out the button tops, and my mind was BLOWN!! Game changer, for sure.

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NOW, you can get a drink holder that has an attached PopSocket, and this is about to completely change the way I drink out of a can or even out of my super hot starbucks cup.

Courtesy of Amazon

Do you know how many drinks I’ve spilled, because the condensation has made it fall completely out of my hand? Do you know how many times I have nearly burned my hand on my Starbucks coffee cup??

I’m telling you. This is LEGIT, the best invention I have seen in a LONG time!

Courtesy of Amazon

Some of these PopSocket drink holders even have an interchangeable grip handle. So, you can change the color of the button with your mood!

Courtesy of Amazon

These PopSocket drink holders fold flat, so you can store them right in your glove compartment, center console of your car, or even in a drawer in your kitchen.


The PopSocket holder is designed to fit a number of regular sized drinks. It is a one-size-fits-most, including coffee cups, pint glasses, cans, and cold plastic cups.

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Leverage your beverage with the ultimate cold drink holder! The PopThirst … Holder offers a secure grip to more easily hold your drink and avoid spills. Keep your drink cold, your hands comfy, and your drink stylish.

Courtesy of Amazon

You can get your OWN PopSocket beverage holder on the Amazon website.

Courtesy of Amazon

They are all about 15 bucks, and they just might be the BEST money you drop this week, because you WON’T drop your drink. See what I did there? Ha!


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